Festivities in Alentejo

From Marian worship or devotions to saints, are started largesse or just are requested through the hermitages are essential to rural life and traditional architecture, almost all of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, even with some gems from ancient times. The hermitages are usually composed of three parts, a chancel with dome vault, a central nave and abroad, a covered porch, accompanied by benches for rest of the pilgrims. Being either inside or outside the villages, high bollards or walls-socks with buttes. These are always washed for a festival in honor of the Lady or the Holy protector.

Generally, where there is party, there is also fair. In some cases, the movement of the parties to the trade reached such proportions that the very hermitages became small to accommodate so many pilgrims, and were subsequently built shrines. Can not lose your parties and your visitors, are some dates of their annual festivals.

In Alto Alentejo, are held four parties not to be missed

  • In the granite and bucolic Senhora da Redonda (near Alpalhão) party on 2nd Easter Monday.
  • With a panoramic view over Besteiros, in Portalegre, in Senhora da Lapa, the festival takes place in September.
  • In Benavila, the Lady of Between Waters celebrated on the last weekend of July weekend.
  • And, in the Sanctuary of the Lord Jesus da Piedade, in Elvas, the party starts at 20 to 27 September, accompanied by the festival and fair of St. Matthew.
festa da Senhora da Redonda
festa da Senhora da Lapa
feira de Sao Mateus

Alentejo Central are four sanctuaries with a great heritage value

  • In Mora, Our Lady of Brotas in Brotas, is part of the houses of the confraternities, this old building is an example of rural architecture, and its festival celebrated on the 2nd end-of-week of August.
  • In Azaruja, Our Lady of Mount Carmel is lined by more than 1,500 ex-votos and currently is part of a Rural Hotel, in the old houses of the pilgrims, their celebration takes place on the 2nd Sunday in September.
  • Our Lady of the Good News of Terena, this chapel-fortress of the fourteenth century holds its party on Sunday and Monday Pascoela.
  • In Viana do Alentejo, Our Lady of Aires Rococo features a collection of ex-votos in the House of Miracles, where every year, at the time of their parties due to greater pilgrimage riding Alentejo, particularly in 4th weekend -of-week of April and the show taking place on the 4th weekend week of September.
  • Montemor-o-Novo, the hermitage-viewpoint celebrates its feast in honor of Our Lady of the Visitation to 2 July.

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Festa Senhora das Brotas
Festa Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova de Terena
Festa Nossa Senhora da Visitacao

In the Alentejo, the religious parties present the following

  • Ms. Dam, on the road linking Cuiaba to Vila Ruiva, invites you to visit its interior on Monday Pascoela.
  • With the Route program Fresco, Our Lady of Guadalupe, also known as S. Gens, in Serpa, celebrated in his honor Friday 3rd party the following Monday.
  • In Castro Verde, near the place of Salto, São Marcos Ataboeira, Our Lady Aracelis has a real “roof of the world” over the South, holds a party in his honor on the 1st weekend week of September.
  • Between Ourique and Santa da Serra, Our Lady Cola is integrated in the Archaeological Circuit Cola, your party runs from 7 and 8 September.
Festa Senhora da Represa
festa da Nossa Senhora da Guadalupe
Festa da Nossa Senhora da Cola

Already, Alentejo Litoral

In the mountain villages are many hermitages that during their religious festivals are included maritime or fluvial processions in decorated boats of fishermen, in which we highlight:

  • In Troy, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in early August.
  • In Sines, the Our Lady of Salas celebrates its festival on 14 and 15 August.
  • And in honor of Our Lady of Grace, Vila Nova de Milfontes celebrates its festival on 15 August.
festa da Nossa Senhora das Salas
festa de Nossa Senhora do Rosario