Fluvial beaches of Alentejo

Wrapping up the most natural aspect possible, between the banks of rivers and lakes, with the green vegetation and the blue of rivers, streams, small streams that animate the Alentejo territory, so are the riverbanks, which highlighted the following.

Beaches of Alentejo

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Near the river Mira comes to Furnas Beach, which also has a maritime component, which at low tide is seen small coves on the sand between the rocks. A beach for peace lovers and for those looking for a more sports such as windsurfing, sailing or canoeing on the river course in calmer waters.

praia das furnas vila nova de milfontes

The Farol Beach is located on the bank of the river Mira and near the estuary, this beach offers a link between the river and sea, where during the baths the strength of currents require some attention. There is a wall that establishes a link this beach and the franchise Beach.

Praia do Farol  vila nova de milfontes

Alqueva – Fluvial beach Cheles

Recognizing that the Alqueva has over a thousand kilometers of border, a single river beach Alqueva is highlighted, the Fluvial Cheles Beach, which is a few kilometers from Spain too.

Alqueva – Praia Fluvial de Cheles

Tapada Grande Albufeira

In 1882 it was built the dam Tapada Grande, used as a supply for the industrial complex of Mina de São Domingos, which in 1965 ceased activities and since then, this supplies the municipality of Mértola. And it became a haven for those looking for a bit of leisure near the freshwater river Tapada Grande, thus resulting in the river beach and beach recently accessible from Albufeira Tapada Grande.

Albufeira da Tapada Grande

Pego do Altar

Erected between 1935 and 1949, the dam of Pego do Altar, which lies between the river basin of Alcáçovas riverside, aimed at irrigation and hydroelectric. It is currently an area much sought after by both the surrounding landscape, as for its ability to hold events and leisure time, which is perfect for beach rest, practice sport fishing and nautical activities.

Pego do Altar

Quinta do Alamal – Fluvial Alamal Beach

On the bank of the River Tagus, is the complex of Quinta do Alamal, which offers an extensive beach by the river and green areas accompanied by Belver Castle, a perfect setting to rest, enjoy medieval art and taking good pictures. This beach has been classified as affordable beach recently.

Quinta do Alamal