The Troia Peninsula is a region whose natural beauty cuts the breath, between the strip of golden sand that contrasts with the blue of the Atlantic, about 17 kilometers long, here moments of relaxation, peace and quiet are so appreciated as the fun times in Troia Casino.

Troia has an archaeological collection with a great value, dating back to the industrial and religious activity of the Roman urban centers, where you can find several fish canning factories, housing scheme, thermal complex, a basilica and a necropolis. Among the natural surroundings of the Sado Estuary, are several urban centers, only for its features worth mentioning, as the cabins present in the Herdade do Pinheiro and in Comporta / Carrasqueira, the hills and existing Roman kilns in the Estates Zambujal and Pinheiro, dating back to the first century AD and IV and Comporta with a more traditional architecture, a gift tidal mill at Herdade da Mourisca and still a fishing port in Carrasqueira.

In Carvalhal are the Trojan ruins dating from the first century, at the beginning of the Roman occupation in Portugal. This presents a population aggregate, comprising an area of housing, resort, burial areas, religious core with an early Christian basilica and various industrial centers, focused on trade and fish preserves.

Another element to highlight is the Chapel of Our Lady of Troy, built in the fifteenth century by the Order of Santiago, this chapel is in the middle of the boiler, with its ancient Gothic arch and the sacristy there is an ex-voto painted by Francisco Augusto Flamengo at the beginning of the twentieth century. This only opens in August, during the procession parties.

Recently opened the Tourist Complex Troia, which offers different sports facilities, such as Troia Golf, Marina Troia and Casino Troia.

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In the Troia Marina is north of the Troia peninsula, apart from performing its main function to accommodate about 184 boats in this area stem from events with a diverse program, along with a number of shopping and leisure.

Joining the animation, is the Casino of Troia, a space with four thousand square meters, it offers both contemporary architecture as a range of game and multimedia equipment, including 226 slot machines and 16 months of play.

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Troia Beaches

The area surrounding the Troia peninsula is the perfect combination between the pure state of nature and the hand of man. From adventure that is both on foot, by boat and car, to behold the beauty of the landscapes.

Also known as Atlântica Beach, this is the center of the Troia peninsula, and the private access from the Soltróia complex. But the beauty of envy has crystal clear water and clean sand and white. Sought as much for peace as to practice volleyball, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing and fishing, or stroll among its waters with a seagull.

Praia de Soltroia

The convergence of the Sado river with the Atlantic, there are three bathing complex: they Troia-Mar, Troia-Bico das Lulas and Gale Troia and is only accessed by wooden walkways that surround them. Having been regarded as one of the best urban beaches in Portugal, the beach Troia has a great view of the surrounding countryside, privileging natural conditions.

Praia de Troia

With a long sandy beach that makes bathing the crystal clear water, the beach of Comporta is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sado Estuary, containing good accessibility and catering services, is ideal for a relaxing time.

Praia da Comporta

Increasingly attracts visitors due to its natural beauty, the waters of this beach have a mild temperature, which makes contrast with the white sand, giving a pure paradise setting.

Praia do Pego

The South Beach Comporta, this beach has good infrastructure support, with catering service, which despite being a more reserved and quiet beach is very popular for surfing, kite surfing, volleyball and fishing.

Praia do Carvalhal