Heritage in the West

The West is a region with diverse customs and traditions, along with a vast heritage that embellish with its ghosts and historical moments, there is a contrast between a heritage which blooms to improve the quality of life of its people and heritage he wrote their stories.

The Celts, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, there is a destination that has an unprecedented history in which the people carry in their souls a life of struggle for independence, a life of joy and simplicity that turn a mere stay a unique experience and dynamic, praised be your hospitality, yanking smiles to more grim.

A heritage that revives when holding events that streamline the entire West, appealing to the origin, the qualities of the region, the creativity and innovation of its people. Little moments that make glad the heart, warm the soul and share smiles.

A just living moment only in the West, which is much more than a tourist destination, is a place close to home, an unrivaled destination.

Heritage in the West

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